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Wai – is a true pilgrim village with around 100 temples. The city of Wai has more than 100 temples, earning it the name “Dakshin Kashi” (Kashi or Varanasi of the South). Wai, located in the Satara district of Maharashtra, is well-known for the ghats that line the banks of the Krishna River and the temples found there, most notably the Dholya Ganapati temple on Ganapati Ghat.

Wai is a trekker’s paradise because it is nestled between six forts: Pandavgad, Kenjalgad, Kamalgad, Vairatgad, and the twin forts of Chandan and Vandan. These forts are not completely dilapidated, and they still provide a breath-taking panorama of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Wai is gaining attention as a popular tourist destination because of its natural scenic beauty and vast history. More than 300 films, mostly from the Bollywood and Marathi film industries, have been shot in or around Wai in the last few decades.

❖Must Visit Places in Wai:

wai caves

●Wai Caves:

The Wai Caves are one of the most popular tourist attractions because they are a collection of nine Buddhist caves, one of which is a Shiva temple. Here, visitors can examine ancient carvings that have stood the test of time.

Kalubai Temple

●Kalubai Temple:

Kalubai Temple, dedicated to goddess Kaleshwari Devi, was constructed 400 years ago. This temple, located at an altitude of 1417 metres above sea level, is well-known for the breath-taking scenery that surrounds it. Worship services are held twice daily, drawing the largest crowds to the temple.


Kashi Vishweshwar TempleKashi Vishweshwar Temple

●Kashi Vishweshwar Temple:

Opposite Dholya Ganpati this is a magnificent Shiva temple with a good vibe. The temple’s proximity to Dholya Ganpati Ghat allows visitors to see numerous sights at once.


While exploring Wai, one can also relish the local cuisine, shop at local shops and walkthrough artistic villages full of handmade items.


●Nana Phadnavis Wada:

The Nana Phadnavis Wada, a historically significant landmark that was once home to the Peshwa of the Maratha Empire, is full of a peaceful atmosphere and has been properly preserved. This structure dates back to 1742 and features several modest rooms that look out into a carefully tended garden. Besides being one of the city’s oldest landmarks, Nana Phadnavis Wada also hosts a number of educational tours that take visitors on a fascinating journey through the palace’s regal halls.

Nana Phadnavis Wada

●Dholya Ganapati:

The Dholya Ganpati is well-known as the site of many important celebrations. During the morning and evening prayers, worshippers light the ghat by floating lit diyas into the water. This is one of the best places in Wai for picnics.

❖How to Reach Wai?

The distance between Wai and Satara is 35 km making it easily accessible by road. It takes approximately 43 mins to reach Wai from Satara via NH48. For quick, relaxed and hassle-free Satara to Wai Trip hire our car services.


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